Welcome to the Xu Research Group at Virginia Commonwealth University



Our research focuses on the health issues of blindness, cancer and drug abuse, which have huge socioeconomic implications. Our lab applies engineering principles to advance our understanding of the interactions of therapeutic nanoparticle platforms with biological barriers and disease pathophysiology. This knowledge guides us to better design new biomaterials and nanotherapeutic-based treatments for eye disorders, cancer and other diseases. Our research program operates at the interface of nanoengineering, materials science, and translational medicine. We aim to translate technologies to have a meaningful impact on human health.

Current News



Big congratulations to Tuo (Emma) Meng for winning both Thakker Award and Schwartz Award, and to John Kwon for winning the Best Poster Award (PharmD) at VCU School of Pharmacy Research and Career day. 


The first stage $1.6m for 2 years of our multi-PI NIH/NIDA UG3 grant ( total 5 years) was funded to develop novel treatments for opioid use disorder. Congratulations to all our co-PIs and collaborators (Charles Okeeffe, Gerry Moeller, Matthew Halquist, Xiuling Lu). 


Dr. Xu received the Association of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics (AOPT) Young Investigator Travel Award, and he will give an oral presentation at the 14th Scientific Meeting of AOPT, New Orleans,  March 7-10, 2019.

2019 News



Dr. Qingguo Xu will serve as the vice chair for the Controlled Release Society (CRS) Ocular Delivery Focus Group. CRS is the home for experts dedicated to delivery science, including delivery scientists, engineers, clinicians, and technical professionals. The next annual meeting is at Las Vegas #seeyouinVegas2020.


We welcome Hadi Sudarjat to join our lab as a PhD student in Pharmaceutical Sciences program, and Hadi was awardee of the prestigious FullBright Scholar funded by the American Indonesian Exchange Foundation. 


It is a big honor for Dr. Qingguo Xu being named as a Blick Scholar. There are 4 Blick Scholars for the term of 2019-2023. It is made possible by the George and Lavinia Blick Research Fund, an endowment designated for supporting medical research conducted on the MCV Campus of Virginia Commonwealth University. We greatly appreciate the support from the committee and the MCV foundation


John Kwon, P2 PharmD student, joined our lab as a VCU SoP Summer Research Fellow. John’s research is to develop new method for treating glaucoma. Congratulations and Welcome! 


Russell Simmers, a rising junior undergraduate in the VCU Honors College and a undergraduate researcher in Xu's Nanotherapeutics Research lab since 2018, was among 6 to 12 students accepted to the VCU guaranteed admissions program for the VCU School of Medicine. Big Congratulations! 


Dr. Xu is selected as the 2019 CRS Ocular Delivery Focus Group Young Investigator at the CRS annual meeting. The 2019 Controlled Release Society Annual Meeting & Exposition will be held from July 21st-24th, in Valencia, Spain. Thanks for the support from the committee. 


Our invited keynote review paper "Therapeutic implications of nanomedicine for ocular drug delivery" to Drug Discovery Today (IF: 6.85) was published. Congratulations to Tuo (Emma), Vineet, Russell and Vikram.