Congratulations to Diane Ingabire for passing her Ph.D. candidacy exam. Diane's research focuses on developing new therapeutics for treating opioid use disorders.

Congratulations to Sagun Poudel for passing her Ph.D. candidacy exam. Sagun works on ocular drug delivery systems.

Hadi Sudarjat successfully passed the Ph.D. defense. Hadi will start his assistant professor position at Universitas Singaperbangka Karawang, in Indonesia. Congratulations, Dr. Sudarjat.

Drs. Xu and Halquist received a 2-year FDA contract for "In Vitro and In Vivo Assessment of Buprenorphine Extended Release Injections for Generic Product Equivalence."

Qingguo Xu, Ph.D. was selected to receive the 2023 VCU School of Pharmacy Excellence in Research Award.

Congratulations to Dr. Rudra Pangeni for being promoted to research assistant professor in VCU School of Pharmacy's Department of Pharmaceutics.

Dr. Xu received a VCU internal commercialization fund for the development of a new PPARα agonist ocular drug delivery system.

Congratulations to Emma, Jinhua and Min on their research paper, "Six-month effective treatment of corneal graft rejection," being published on Science Advances.